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Math Class Doodles by NynjaKat Math Class Doodles by NynjaKat
Reminder: Like I said, this is on my friend, [nowboyfriend>w>] not me. He let me draw on him. c:

These were my original ideas & since this piece got so popular many rude people have come along in the comments and many people have "borrowed" my ideas. Slightly offended but I suppose that's what happens when you get front page& later featured in many cool places. At least I have the clean conscious of in ripping off other people's ideas or bullying people. 

Just put it on my art tumblr here. Please do not repost. Instead reblog/like it here. c:

Please do not use or repost my work in anyway without asking and receiving my permission first. c':
/thanks to my friend for letting me draw on him whenever I want. Yay. He makes a good canvas./

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January 26, 2013
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